Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moss Beach Pebbles

Driving down California 1 south from San Francisco I stopped at Moss Beach. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is located inside the town of Moss Beach just 100 meters from beach front homes, this is a public access beach. Unlike Oregon where all the beaches are public access most of the California ocean front is privately owned with restricted access. Fortunately some forward thinking person worked to set aside this part of Moss Beach for the public.

I was sitting on the beach, looking for sea glass and taking pictures of the pebbles and sand around me, I didn't notice that less that 25 meters from me Harbor seals were starting to pull themselves out of the water for an afternoon snooze in the sun. Harbor seals are cute but can give you a nasty bite if they get it in their head that you are a threat. Time to get some coffee.

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