Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lisa at McClures Beach

We hiked to McClures Beach at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. It was late in the day, cloudy, the sun was starting to set and the fog was coming in. I was preoccupied with some driftwood and rock outcropping in the distance so Lisa wondered off, looking for sea glass. I looked around to see where she was and saw her off in the distance walking toward me. What first caught my eye was the birds who were just ignoring her as she walked by, normally they are pretty skittish but this day it was as if she was not there. The next thing I noticed was how, from that distance, she seemed to fit into the landscape.

I took a few shots, playing with the zoom to catch the best framing of the image then went back to my driftwood. Later, when we got home, I dumped the days shots into iPhoto, copied the raw files to the backup disk, deleted the obvious bad images, then sucked the best into Aperture. Normally I like bright, intense colors but the muted colors along with the hazy background of this really stuck out. I liked the emotional coolness of the image, the way that the central component in this image, Lisa, was so small, how her image was lost in the larger natural world yet an integral part.

I played around with Aperture to hype up the color but then decided that the muted colors, under exposed with a bit more contrast would work better. While not the best I have ever done I think it holds up pretty well. It does seem to capture the mood of the day and the image pretty well.

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